6 Keto Breakfast Muffins

keto breakfast muffins

In this post, we will go over a couple of great recipes for keto breakfast muffins that you can try today! We will cover sweet options, ideas with meat, and classic muffins!

Sausage Muffins

Starting with a heavier and a bit longer recipe, but rest assured that the result will be fantastic!


Full recipe is here.

Scrambled Egg Muffin

Few ingredients, and quick preparation time – classic egg muffins is a great breakfast!

Keto-Breakfast-muffin 2

Click here for the full recipe.

Bacon and Cheddar Muffins

This is just a perfect combination. Meaty bacon, creamy egg and bity cheddar ready in form of a muffin in 15 minutes.

Keto-Breakfast-muffin 3

Full recipe is here.

Sugar-Free Keto Muffin

Low-carb, healthy, great looking and as it is with muffins – easy to prepare!

Keto-Breakfast-muffin 4

The recipe is here.

Low Carb Keto Muffin

Another take on a diet muffin that you can try in the morning right tomorrow!

Keto-Breakfast-muffin 5

Full recipe is here.

Lemon Muffin

A slightly different take on the breakfast muffin that will go perfectly with a sweet tea!

Keto-Breakfast-muffin 6

Full recipe is here.

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