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Hi! My name is Jane Wilkins and write for Butterypan.com. I am in my thirties, living in New York…the center of gastronomy 🙂

For the last 7 years, I was a chef in a restaurant in Chelsea, until it closed down due to recent events. I was fortunate enough to have some savings that I put aside…as the last couple of years were very thought for the food industry.

As you can imagine, employment opportunities in restaurants were non-existent. But I did not want to spend my time just laying on my bed watching youtube…and waiting until things will blow over.

That is the main reason why I started Butterypan.com. But there is a ton of food blogs out there…who needs another one right?

I did a bit of digging and discovered that while many blogs cover various recipes (of various difficulties) there is much less information on some basics of cooking.

But not only that. I found out that some of the basic day-to-day cooking information is missing, or is presented in a horrible manner. Sometimes…you just need to know how to make a good toast.

So I thought that I will try to combine some simple recipes that I personally like, with cooking tips. On my blog you can answer questions like how to cook something, what does something taste like, and of course a variety of breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, dinner ideas, tips on snacks, or dessert recipes!

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It seems that I am doing something right as I have a lot of positive feedback from many of you, thank you for that!

The plan is to continue writing this blog, and maybe still cook professionally, as it is just something that I love to do…and it gives me a lot of inspiration for the blog! I am also trying to be active on Pinterest (follow me there!), but you can keep up with Butterypan on Facebook and Instagram as well (though they are not so actively managed).

Happy cooking! (in case of any questions, you can contact me here.)

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Jane Wilkins

Jane Wilkins writes for Butterypan.com, she is a seasoned chef with over 7 years of experience. Jane worked in various establishments, ranging from casual dining to high cuisine. Mostly, she enjoyed the simple and basic cooking when it is done right.