7 Simple Apple Jelly Substitutes

7 simple Apple jelly substitute

Apple jelly substitute? There are many great apple jelly substitutes, and some of them are canned peaches, apple juice, grape jelly, etc. In general, the fruits that have a sweet but slightly acidic flavor profile are the best substitutes for apples and apple jelly.

Apple jelly is a perfect ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes that require that fruity, sweet, and tarty flavor. You can spread it on your toast alone or with some peanut butter, eat it with pancakes, or use it in the marinade for your favorite barbecued meat recipe.

However, sometimes you might run out of apple jelly, and that’s when you will need to improvise and find some good replacements. To learn more about substituting apple jelly, keep reading!

Apple Jelly Substitute

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1. Apricot jam

This jam is quite similar to apple jelly because it has a similar pronounced but not a too strong flavor. Apricots are rich in natural pectin, which makes apricot jam have a similar consistency to apple jelly. It is a perfect choice for apple jelly recipes when you don’t have any apple jelly, especially when you eat it along with some pumpkin butter! You can also get inspired by some of the apricot preserves substitutes.

2. Canned peaches

They are great for any apple jelly recipe because peaches are naturally sweet and slightly acidic. Peaches are also rich in pectin, which makes them a perfect substitute for apple jelly. You can also use small pieces of fresh peaches or peach jam instead of canned peaches, but the canned peaches are the closest substitute.

3. Apple juice

Obviously, this is one of the best apple jelly substitutes. It is perfect when you need the closest match to apple jelly flavor because apple juice is almost the same, only a bit more acidic. However, keep in mind that apple juice is more liquid than apple jelly. If you don’t have apple juice either, try with some other fruit juice, such as peach juice, orange juice, etc.

4. Grape jelly

This jelly has a similar consistency to apple jelly, but it might be sourer. However, it still has that sweet, fruity flavor, but you shouldn’t use it for marinades and other savory dishes because it has a richer flavor that might clash with other flavors from the dish. If the grape jelly is too sour for you, you can add some extra sugar to make it sweeter.

5. Cranberry sauce or jelly

Another sweet yet acidic and fruity flavored jelly, cranberry jelly can also be used in place of apple jelly. Cranberries can be sourer than apples, so feel free to add a bit of sugar to the cranberry jelly when using it as a replacement for apple jelly.

6. Marmalade

Marmalades are mostly made of oranges, but you can also find a citrus marmalade made of lemon, lime, mandarin, and even bergamot. Marmalade contains high amounts of pectin, so it has a beautiful and thick consistency. Another great thing about marmalade is that it can be used as a spread on your morning toast with some peanut or regular butter, or you can use it as a delicious marinade for chicken meat!

7. Currant jelly

Made of red currants, this jelly doesn’t have as much pectin as some other jellies have, but it still has a perfect consistency to replace apple jelly. However, it has a more tart flavor than apple jelly.

Apple Jelly Substitute For Pectin

Pectin is a natural thickener responsible for apple jelly’s consistency and thickness. When substituting apple jelly, you should try and find fruits that are naturally rich in pectin so that the thickness of said fruit jelly is similar to the thickness of apple jelly.

Peaches, apricots, grapes, and oranges are all rich in pectin. This means the jellies made of these fruits will have a thick consistency, just the way you need it!

Crab Apple Jelly Substitute

Crab apples are small, sour, and wild apples. They can be used to make crabapple jelly or delicious honey-cinnamon crabapples. Crabapple jelly can be used in the same recipes as the regular apple jelly, but if you don’t have either of them, you can use current jelly, grape jelly, or marmalade.

Apple And Sage Jelly Substitute

Apple and sage jelly is made of apples and sage leaves. Sugar and apple cider vinegar. It has a unique combination of fruity, herbal, and acidic flavors. You can substitute it with currant jelly or orange marmalade.

Is Apple Butter Like Apple Jelly?

Apple butter is not the same as apple jelly. Apple butter has a thicker consistency, which makes it more similar to apple jam. It is basically a more concentrated applesauce. However, apple butter substitutes apple jelly quite well.

What Is Apple Jelly Made Of?

Apple jelly is made of cooked apple juice, sweetened with sugars, and thickened with gelatin or store-bought pectin. After this mixture cools down at room temperature for 24-48 hours, you will get a jelly-like consistency.

Can I Use Apple Jelly Instead Of Applesauce?

You can use apple jelly instead of apple sauce, especially when you need a thicker consistency. Applesauce is basically apple puree without added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Did They Stop Making Apple Jelly?

You can find apple jelly in most grocery stores in the United States. However, some apple jelly brands like BAMA Apple Jelly were discontinued in 2022.


Now you know what would be a great apple jelly substitute! Canned peaches, apricot jam, grape jelly, marmalade, and many other options can be great substitutes to replace apple jelly.

However, not every substitute for apple jelly is suitable for every recipe. For example, grape jelly wouldn’t be a good choice to replace apple jelly in savory dishes because it has a strong flavor profile that doesn’t pair well with meat. But you can still use it instead of apple jelly in sweet dishes!

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