Easy Dinner Recipes For Family, Cheap

Easy Dinner Recipes For Family, Cheap

In this post, we will check out some easy dinner recipes for the whole family when you are on a budget!

Lentil Soup

Easy to make with lentils which are filling, full of vitamins and protein – great option (or maybe a starter).

cheap family dinner 1

Full recipe here.

Pasta With Peas

Pasta is a great meal in itself and a perfect budget option. You can even have it just with oil and garlic and it will be great. In this variant, we have it with peas.

cheap family dinner 2

Full recipe here.

Masala Beans

Beans with great Indian flavor, with rice – who said that budget meals have to be boring!

cheap family dinner 3

Full recipe here.

Spanish Coconut Rice

Tasty and filling, this recipe can easily serve multiple people for just a couple of bucks!

cheap family dinner 4

Full recipe here.

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