13 Ideal Halloumi Substitutes

Best Halloumi substitute

Halloumi is a type of Greek cheese made of goat’s or sheep’s milk or a combination of the two. However, if you don’t have any halloumi cheese, you can use a halloumi cheese substitute.

To learn more about halloumi cheese substitutes, keep reading this article! Below we will give you a list of the 13 best halloumi cheese substitutes and some more interesting facts.

Halloumi Substitute

  1. Indian cottage cheese (Paneer cheese): This fresh cheese has similar characteristics and texture as halloumi cheese. It is made of cow or buffalo milk mixed with lemon juice, making this cheese’s flavor light and delectable.
  2. Feta cheese is made similarly to halloumi – from sheep’s or goat’s milk. It has a bit more grounded taste than halloumi, but it can still serve as a great replacement when there is no halloumi.
  3. Manouri cheese – another Greek cheese made of goat’s and/or sheep’s milk. It has a similar taste to halloumi, only a bit milder. Apart from its milder flavor, manouri cheese is rounded, while halloumi cheese is squarely shaped.
  4. Mozzarella cheese – this Italian cheese is mostly known as one of the ingredients for a perfect pizza. However, you can also use it as a substitute for halloumi cheese, although it has a much milder flavor, especially when eaten fresh.
  5. Provolone cheese is another Italian cheese with a mild flavor and can be used as a substitute for halloumi cheese in sandwiches or burgers.
  6. Queso panela is a Mexican cheese made of cow’s milk and has a light but spicy taste. It is very similar to halloumi cheese in taste and dissolving properties, but it is a bit wetter than halloumi cheese.
  7. Queso para Freir is quite similar to queso panela, and it is also made of cow’s milk. However, it is not as wet as the queso panela, which makes it an even better halloumi substitute.
  8. Kefalotyri cheese is another Greek cow/goat cheese and a great halloumi cheese substitute. It is harder than halloumi cheese and more pungent. It is perfect for grilling or being served as an appetizer.
  9. Tofu – a vegan substitute for halloumi cheese. Although it lacks halloumi’s flavor, it can retain different flavors from other ingredients, especially if you marinate it in a vegetable stock.
  10. Queso Blanco is a Spanish term for white cheese, and it covers all the cheeses with a white tone and mild taste. If you need a halloumi alternative that won’t soften when heated, any queso Blanco is a perfect choice.
  11. Anari cheese – made of sheep’s milk, has a semi-hard surface and a somewhat tart and spicy flavor. This Cyprus cheese is the most similar to ricotta cheese, but it can also serve as a substitute for halloumi cheese.
  12. Graviera cheese – a well-known hard Greek cheese with a flavor that can range from sweet to nutty. It can be grilled, but it is mostly served in sandwiches or salads.
  13. Saganaki – a Greek cheese with a flavor almost indistinguishable from halloumi cheese. However, it is a little wetter than halloumi, and there are some other barely noticeable differences when it comes to taste.
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Halloumi Substitute Vegan

When you are looking for a vegan substitute for halloumi cheese, tofu is your best option. Made of coagulated soy milk, this cheese lacks typical cheese flavors, but it is great at retaining flavors when exposed to other ingredients, for example, a vegetable stock. Once marinated in vegetable stock for several hours, tofu will have that cheesy, acidic flavor.

Halloumi Substitute Mozzarella

Although mozzarella is usually used for making pizza, you can also use it as a halloumi substitute. Mozzarella cheese is usually eaten while still fresh, it has a mild flavor, thick consistency, and low dampness levels.

Halloumi Substitute Paneer

Although paneer is a great substitute for halloumi cheese, there are some differences. Paneer is made of cow/buffalo milk mixed with lemon juice, which makes it a highly acidic type of cheese. On the other side, halloumi cheese has almost no acid at all. Surprisingly enough, both high and low acidity help prevent melting.

Halloumi Substitute UK

Halloumi cheese is quite popular in the UK, which makes it widely available, and it is considered to be relatively cheap. However, in the US, halloumi cheese has yet to become really popular.

Halloumi Substitute For Bacon

Did you know that halloumi cheese can serve as a substitute for bacon? Simply mix 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika with 1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast, slice 1/2 pack of halloumi thinly and coat it in the paprika-yeast mixture. Let the halloumi slices marinate for 20 minutes, then fry them in a hot pan until lightly browned. Sprinkle with remaining paprika and yeast and serve immediately.

Halloumi Substitute Baking

Halloumi has a high melting point, which makes it great for baking. However, other cheeses, such as mozzarella, provolone, and kefalotyri, can replace halloumi when baking.

Halloumi Substitute For Feta

Feta, an extremely popular greek cheese, can be replaced with halloumi. Feta is mainly made of sheep’s milk, and halloumi cheese is made of both goat’s and sheep’s milk. That’s why halloumi has a slightly milder flavor than feta.

Halloumi Meat Substitute

Halloumi cheese is rich in protein, which makes it a great replacement for meat. It has a semi-soft texture, perfect for grilling instead of meat.

Fried Halloumi Substitute

If you want a good substitute for fried halloumi, you should choose cheese that’s not too damp and which doesn’t melt too fast. Apart from mozzarella, provolone, and kefalotyri, graviera cheese is also a great choice when you need a substitute for halloumi cheese.

Can I Use Feta Instead Of Halloumi?

You can use feta instead of halloumi, but feta has a more tangy and salty flavor. On the other side, halloumi has a higher fat content.

Is Halloumi Cheese Similar To Mozzarella?

Both mozzarella and halloumi have a mild flavor, which makes them interchangeable in most recipes. Both mozzarella and halloumi can be eaten fresh or fried, baked, or grilled.


Now you know where to find good halloumi substitutes. You have plenty of options when it comes to halloumi alternatives, and some of them are feta, mozzarella, paneer, kefalotyri, and many other cheese types.

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