How To Cook Frozen Fish Balls?

How To Cook Frozen Fish Balls

Wondering how to cook frozen fish balls? They can be cooked in less than 15 minutes in a deep fryer, air fryer, wok, or in boiling water. I prefer boiling, check the details in the post below!

Fish balls are made with white fish paste, minced garlic, and black pepper. They can be served as toppings in noodle soup or as a tasty snack paired with dipping sauce as delicious and easy finger food.

Keep on reading and learn about this classic dish!

How to cook frozen fish balls?

The ay I personally like is to add them to a boiling soup or just boil them adding a bit of greens soy sauce after they are done.

Bring water to boil, drop your frozen fish balls there and wait for them to reach the surface. When they do, cook for 3-5 minutes and they will be done. You can cut one open to make sure that it is cooked through.

Can I fry frozen fish balls?

Fish balls can be easily found in Asian markets and you should always store in the freezer a pack or two.

What makes fish balls such a versatile food choice is that you can fry them from the frozen state, and fish balls make the perfect go-to meal for a busy night.

Fish balls can be air-fried, deep-fried in cooking oil for 8-12 minutes, depending on their size, or you can fry fish balls with oil in a wok for 5-7 minutes (add fried noodles for a delicious main course). Introduce fish balls to the wok when the cooking oil is already hot: this way you’ll get golden brown fish balls.

Are frozen fish balls already cooked?

The fish balls you can find in your local Asian market are precooked and not raw.

This means that once you prepare fish balls at home, whether you decided to fry them or put them in soup-based dishes, you’re reheating fish balls from their frozen state.

How do you cook frozen fish from frozen?

Everyday cooking requires lots of fresh ingredients, but sometimes it’s just easier to store in the freezer what you cooked ahead or just buy frozen goods, like fish fillets and vegetables.

A great method to cook fish from frozen is baking it in the oven. You simply need to preheat your oven to 450° F, place your frozen fish on a baking sheet and cook for about 10-15 minutes.

When cooking fish fillets from frozen always double-check doneness with a meat thermometer: the center should reach 145° F.

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How do you cook frozen fish without thawing it?

Sometimes you forget to take the bag of fish out of the freezer and can’t find a solution for cooking it before it’s perfectly defrosted. Well, not until now!

To cook your fish without thawing it you simply need to adjust the cooking time by doubling it or placing your fish in the microwave on medium-high heat for a couple of minutes, drain water, and cook as you wish.

Always freeze fish balls, fish and food in general in a sealed bag, follow the cooking instructions on the package and never thaw fish at room temperature.

How do you cook frozen fish ball soup?

Frozen fish balls soup is a quick meal, ready in less than 15 minutes, perfect for busy (and cold) days.

Here’s how you make fish balls soup:

1. Heat fish broth in a pot on low heat and when it reaches a boil introduce fish balls.

2. Cook for 5 minutes then place squid or shrimps and keep on cooking for a few minutes with fish balls.

3. Add noodles and simmer for another minute, until products float. Noodles should be tender and fish balls should be entirely cooked.

4. Serve hot and garnish your fish balls soup with a drizzle of sesame oil

How do you make Chinese fish balls?

Chinese fish balls are delicious rounds of tastiness, easy to make and cook.

Let me give you some tips on how to make fish balls from scratch!

To make the perfect fish balls you need white fish, salt and pepper, egg whites, and cold water: that’s it!

To mix the fish paste you can use a food processor, as you would for meat balls.

Once your fish paste has a uniform texture, throw the mixed fish paste onto your board or kitchen counter about 60 times.

Check your paste consistency and then shape your fish paste as tiny balls or as a roll. Soak the fish balls in cold water for 3-5 minutes.

You can now deep fry the fish balls or steam fish balls to garnish your favorite noodles or cooked rice!

How do you fry fish balls in the air fryer?

If you want to keep your fish balls light you should use an air fryer, to get tasty fish balls with a springy texture, without using any oil. This is a the ideal cooking method if you’re trying to lose weight or watching how many calories you eat!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Spray the bottom of your air fryer basket with oil and add your ad your fish balls

2. Fry the fish balls at 360° F for about 15 minutes. Shake the air fryer basket halfway through the cooking time, to make sure the fish balls cook evenly

3. Move your fish balls onto a serving dish with dipping sauce and enjoy!

How do you cook Filipino-style fish balls?

Fish balls are one of the most popular street food in the Philippines.

To make this traditional recipe, you can use any kind of fish ball or squid ball, either fresh or frozen, and fry them in a deep cooking pan with oil.

Cook until the fish balls are golden, then remove and drain excess oil on paper towels.

Serve these delicious fish balls with sweet and spicy sauce!

How do you cook curry fish balls in a stir fry?

Another delicious street food is Hong Kong-style curry fish balls, a savory and spicy dish, ideal for snacks and to enrich noodles or soups.

Let’s make these curry fish balls!

Heat cooking oil in a sloped saute pan or wok and stir fry ingredients: chopped onion, minced garlic, red chili flakes, and ginger paste.

Add curry powder and fish balls, gently lower the heat and cook fish balls for 5 minutes. Let sit for 10 minutes and serve!


Now you know how to cook frozen fish balls! The best way (in my opinion) is to boil them, just drop them into boiling water, let them resurface, and cook for 3-5 minutes, that is it. After taking them out, put some greens on them and eat with soy sauce!

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