How To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven With Searing?

How To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven With Searing

How to cook pork tenderloin in oven with searing? The easiest cooking method for cooking pork tenderloin is to simply place it in an oven-safe skillet (like a cast-iron skillet) with some vegetable oil or olive oil and sprinkle it with your favorite spice blend. Then cook it on the stove at medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side. Then place your hot skillet in a hot oven or broiler to finish cooking. It should take about 30 minutes.

How To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven With Searing?

To make oven-roasted pork tenderloin the easy way, you should sear it in a pan first.

  1. Season your juicy pork tenderloin with a spice rub made of onion powder, kosher salt, fresh herbs, dried thyme, and garlic powder.
  2. Heat a pan with some olive oil on your stove and place your pork tenderloin in it once it’s hot.
  3. Cook your pork tenderloin for a few minutes on each side. You can check your pork’s internal temperature to see how far along it is in the cooking process.
  4. When your pork is a few degrees short of 145 degrees f, move your pan into a preheated oven to finish cooking.
  5. Use an instant-read thermometer to make sure your pork tenderloin temp is at least 145.
  6. Let your loin rest for a few minutes and serve.

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Should I Sear A Pork Tenderloin Before Baking?

You don’t have to sear pork before you bake it. However, searing tenderloin in a hot pan will help keep it from drying out in the oven.

Should You Sear Pork Tenderloin?

You don’t have to sear pork tenderloin. It creates crispy skin on the outside of your roast while keeping the meat juicy. However, you can simply oven bake your roast if you prefer to cook that way.

Should You Sear Pork Loin Before Roasting?

You don’t have to sear pork loin before you roast it. However, to make the best pork tenderloin, you want to ensure you don’t let your meat dry out. That’s easiest to do when you’ve seared it first because the skin becomes crispy and helps keep your meat’s natural juices from drying out.

What Temperature Should Pork Tenderloin Be Cooked At In The Oven?

You can cook pork tenderloin in the oven at any temperature above 300 degrees f. However, the temperature you cook your loin at will affect how long you need to keep it in the oven. Cooking your roast at 400 degrees for 25 minutes is often just the right amount of time to ensure your roast is golden brown, crispy, and delicious.


Now you know how to cook pork tenderloin in oven with searing! Cooking a tenderloin cut of meat is easy. All you have to do is cook it in a hot pan for a few minutes until your meat is just slightly pink. Then move your roast into an oven that’s preheated to 400 degrees for another 25 minutes. Then just enjoy the great flavor of your roast with whatever side dish you prefer to eat.

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