How To Cook Starfish?

How To Cook Starfish

You are wondering how to cook starfish? Well, starfish can be boiled in salted water, you can grill it on a heated rack, or you can deep fry it.

Do you want to learn all the tips and tricks to prepare and eat starfish? Keep on reading!

How to cook and eat starfish?

Starfish can be found all over the world’s oceans, and it is considered a delicacy in many countries, especially in China’s food markets where they serve starfish as street food, often deep-fried and sold on a small stick.

So, how do you cook starfish?

There are three methods:

1. You can boil the starfish by simply placing the entire starfish in salted boiling water and then putting it in cold water for 15 seconds. Remove from water and place the boiled starfish on a hard surface, belly facing upwards. Break the legs, remove the hard outer shell and eat the green cooked flesh inside.

2. Grilled starfish is cooked on a rack coated with oil after seasoned with salt and pepper.

3. Deep-fried starfish is considered delicious street food in China, and it’s usually served on a small stick. It is cooked in a deep fryer and put on a stick. Once you get your deep-fried starfish, break one leg after the other, peel the skin and eat the little meat inside.

How long do you cook starfish?

When cooking boiled starfish, cook it for five to eight minutes in boiling water, then drop it in cold water for 15 seconds.

Are starfish good to eat?

People eat starfish in some countries, like China or Indonesia, and it is considered a delicacy. Next time you visit one of China’s food markets, buy starfish from one of the many vendors and enjoy this food with such a unique taste.

Don’t even think about cooking and eating the starfish brought by the low tide that you can find on the beach. Not all species are safe to eat, and many are poisonous, like the sun star and the leather star.

You should eat a starfish only when prepared by experts.

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What does a starfish taste like?

So, now that we know how to prepare starfish, what do starfish taste like?

Some say that the little meat inside the starfish tastes very little, with a slightly bitter taste. When you eat a starfish, you can taste the saltiness of the ocean water, just like with sand dollars and sea urchins, which are closely related.

Most of the time, to enhance the very subtle taste of starfish, people season it with salt and pepper or dip it in the sauce.

What part of a starfish is edible?

When eating starfish, keep in mind that the only edible part of its entire body is the meat you obtained from its severed limb.

Can starfish make you sick?

Besides what starfish tastes like, it is important to know that not all starfish are good to eat. There are poisonous starfish, so you better be eating starfish only when prepared by experts!


Now you know how to cook a starfish. The easiest way is to boil it, but grilling and deep frying will leave you with a more tasty and less healthy result! 🙂

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