How To Cook Wagyu Steak?

How To Cook Wagyu Steak

Have you caught yourself wondering about how to cook Wagyu steak? It’s simple – season, heat the grill to between 500° F and 550° F and wait until the meat reaches 135° F to take it off.

Okay, I may have over-simplified it just a bit here. Cooking Wagyu steak requires a bit more knowledge than the last paragraph. However, if you’ve been looking for a place to perfect your culinary skills, a Wagyu steak may be just the place.

Keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks to cooking Wagyu beef, as well as some first-class recipes!

What Is The Best Way To Cook Wagyu Steak?

There isn’t really a ‘best way to cook Wagyu beef, and here’s why – it all depends on your preferences.

Some people live for a steak off the grill, while others enjoy a slow roast in the oven. Some even opt for the air fryer as the healthiest option out there.

What we’re saying is that the best cooking method for Wagyu steak is the one that tastes most delicious to you!

You’re probably asking yourself – what if I’ve never had Wagyu steak before? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. There is a whole bunch of show-stopping Wagyu r recipes below, and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with one if not all of them!

How To Cook Wagyu Steak At Home?

I can’t give you a definite clear-cut answer to this one since there is an abundance of ways to cook Wagyu steak at home.

Everything from a grill and bbq to an oven and cast iron will do the trick. You can even make Wagyu steak in an air fryer if you’re feeling adventurous! The only really important thing to have is a load of spices since they are going to make a world of difference.

And the rest? Well, you’ll need to read our recipes below to find out!

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Should I pre-salt Wagyu?

Yes. You absolutely should. It’s as simple as that – pre-salt your Wagyu.

Generally speaking, you should pre-salt any meat you’re planning on cooking. Salt will tenderize your Wagyu beef by pulling moisture out, dissolving it, and then diffusing back into the stake.

In all honesty, the sooner you salt your stake, the better since, the longer it stays salted, the more tender it gets! If you ask us, it would be ideal to salt Wagyu beef between 48 and 36 hours before cooking it or immediately before it hits the pan.

How Do I Cook An Expensive Wagyu Steak?

I recommend cooking it carefully since it’s so expensive.

Excellent jokes aside, cooking a Wagyu steak to perfection takes time, patience, and top-notch recipes. If you have the first two points covered, we’ve got your back for the last one.

The first thing you need to decide on when cooking Wagyu beef is the style – do you want to grill, roast, or maybe air fry? Once you have the answer to this question, scroll down for a step-by-step recipe for making the most delicious and expensive Wagyu steak.

How To Cook Wagyu Steak A5?

A Wagyu Steak A5 can be a bit tricky for first-time chefs, but don’t sweat it one bit. We’re here to give you a step-by-step recipe that leaves no room for mistakes.

Just follow these cooking steps, and you’ll end up serving the most delicious piece of Wagyu out there!

  1. First things first – season the steak. Ideally, our advice is to do it about three hours before cooking. Since this type of meat has extra fat layers, the seasoning may need extra time to work its way through all the layers.
  2. About 5 to 10 minutes before cooking, find your skillet and throw or gently place it in the oven – you’re choice. Preheat the oven to 400° F.
  3. After the oven and skillet are heated, place the cold piece of beef on the skillet and watch the oven do its magic. Because of the amount of fat the A5 has, there is no need for oil.
  4. The steak should cook for 3 minutes on each side. Keep an eye out for that caramelized crust – that’s what we’re aiming for!
  5. Just as with any steak, once it’s out, let it rest at room temperature for a bit before carving it up to serve to your friends.

And hey, that’s all there was to it! Just enjoy your Sunday dinner!

How To Cook Wagyu Steak On Grill?

If you’re a grill fanatic and want to step out of your culinary comfort zone a bit, we’d recommend cooking wagyu steak on a grill. With our easy-to-follow recipe, you’ll have a mouth-watering piece of wagyu steak in time for tonight’s dinner.

  1. Before we get down to any grilling, make sure you take the wagyu beef out of the refrigerator an hour before cooking. This is important since this extra time out of the refrigerator helps even out the meat’s temperature so it can cook through evenly.
  2. Now – seasoning! Wagyu beef is pretty tasty on its own, so all you’ll need to sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on both sides. Of course, we’re don’t want to cram your cooking style, so feel free to add some additional seasoning!
  3. Now, while you’re seasoning, make sure to turn the grill on for at least 15 minutes so it gets a chance to preheat. If you’re using gas or charcoal, aim for a temperature of 500 F and if you’re working with an electric grill, set it to the highest setting.
  4. Finally, it’s grill time! Once the grill temperature is between 500° and 550° F, feel free to place the wagyu meat on the grill.
  5. If you’re a perfectionist and want your Wagyu steak to come out just right, I suggest using a meat thermometer to check its doneness. Wagyu meat is at its most delicious when it’s cooked medium-rare, so we’re looking for an internal temperature of 135° F.
  6. While the Wagyu steak is on the grill, make sure to flip it every two minutes, so it cooks evenly.

SO, once the meat thermometer says that you’ve got the internal temperature on your side, flip the steak over to a plate and slice in!

How To Cook Wagyu Steak On Bbq?

I am not going to lie. Wagyu steak in the bbq is just about one of the best things out there. However, the recipe for it is almost exactly the same as when preparing it on the grill.

So for a bit more information about how to prepare Wagyu beef on the grill, make sure to scroll up!

How To Cook Wagyu Steak On A Charcoal Grill?

We’ve already given you a great recipe for grilling the perfect Wagyu steak. However, today’s your lucky day since we’re going to let you in on a few cooking tips when it comes to grilling Wagyu steaks.

First, when seasoning, make sure to cut off just a bit of the steak’s fat. Don’t worry. Wagyu beef has a lot of fat, so there’ll be plenty left. Now, while your grill is heating, place the steak fat onto the grill – it’s going to make the grill surface nice and greasy, no butter or oil needed!

Another plus? You’ll get that mouth-watering beefy flavor!

Okay, so we got the before-cooking flavor tip down, now we’re moving on to grilling! Remember when I said that you’re looking for the steaks’ temperature to be 135° F when checking the doneness of the meat? Okay, so take the meat off a little before the meat reaches 135° F. Trust us.

Once you remove the steaks from the grill, their internal temperature is still rising for a few minutes. So, to achieve the desired doneness, you’re going to remove them just a bit beforehand. This way, the Wagyu steaks are both fully cooked and show-stoppingly delicious.

How To Cook Wagyu Steak On Cast Iron?

Fan of the cast iron pan? Meat lover? Me too. Want to experiment a bit with different meats and flavors? I bet you do!

Here’s our not-so-secret, but still an exceptional recipe for cooking Wagyu beef on a cast iron.

  1. Before embarking on our cast iron adventure, we’re going to do the same thing I did when grilling – let the meat sit at room temperature between 30 minutes and an hour, so its temperature evens out.
  2. When seasoning, use Kosher salt – it’s going to make the beef just a tad juicier and a lot more delicious!
  3. Pull out your cast iron and place it on the stove at medium heat.
  4. While the pan is heating, rub a bit of beef fat onto the inside of the pan – it’s going to grease up the pan and prevent the meat from sticking! It’s just like butter or oil.
  5. Place the Wagyu meat onto the hot cast iron and cook for about a minute and a half.
  6. Once again, just like with the grill – keep flipping the steaks every two minutes until their temperature is 135° F – this should give you that perfect medium-rare. If you like them a bit on the raw side, look for a temperature between 120° to 125° F.
  7. When the meat thermometer gives you the green light, take the steaks off the grill and let them rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Cut the steaks up into smaller portions and enjoy!

How To Cook Wagyu Steak In Oven?

Now don’t let the title fool you. I am still going to be using a cast iron pan for this one; we’re just putting it in the oven. Fun fact – this is actually the American way of cooking Wagyu steak, and it’s to die for!

We’re not going to lie, this recipe is a bit more complicated than the other ones, but with our clear cooking steps, it should be no trouble at all!

  1. Okay, so we’re not going to repeat the pre-cooking basics here. Okay, maybe we are but in just a few words. Defrost-salt-let sit. See, I said it’s going to be short.
  2. Now, it’s time to get down to business – slice the beef into strips. I recommend that each strip be 3 to 4 inches long, but of course, it’s totally fine if you prefer them a bit thinner.
  3. After your strips are ready to go, grab the closest pan, cast iron skillet, or grill plate you can find.
  4. Heat up it up so that a drop of water will immediately evaporate on it.
  5. Place a bit of oil or beef fat, if you trimmed it beforehand, on the skillet or pan. Leave it to simmer for about a minute.
  6. Place the Wagyu strips onto the pan to sear. Keep searing until each side is the perfect golden brown – this should take about a minute for each side.
  7. Once they’ve seared a bit, place them in the oven to finish the cooking process. At this point, the oven should be preheated to 300º F.

The time your Wagyu beef spends in the oven is going to depend on how well you want to be cooked. So, if you want your Wagyu to be rare, your desired temperature is between 20º – 130ºF, it’s between 130º and 140ºF for a medium-rare steak, and 140º – 150ºF for medium done. I should mention that cooking any type of beef under 145ºF is not recommended for health reasons.

How To Cook Wagyu Stake In Air Fryer?

Although an air fryer isn’t the first thing that pops to mind when you think of Wagyu steak, it’s not completely out of the question either. Nothing really is when it comes to cooking.

For an unusual but delicious culinary experience, just follow the cooking method below.

  1. If you have time, our advice is to season the steak the night before. This means adding all the necessary herbs and spices.
  2. Once it’s daytime again and dinner time is around the corner, get out your air fryer and preheat it to 245 ° F on the lowest fan setting available. This should take about 60 minutes.
  3. Before the 60 minutes are up, rub a bit of olive oil on both sides of the steak and place it on the air fryer rack.
  4. Once you place the Wagyu steak into the fryer, set a timer for 10 minutes. No, it’s not going to be done in 10 minutes. That’s just the first checkpoint – a point at which you first check the internal temperature of your steak.
  5. Keep checking every 10 minutes until the thermometer shows between 110° Fand 120° F in the thickest part of the steak. This should take between 20 to 50 minutes.
  6. When the desired temperature is there, remove the steak and cover it with aluminum foil.
  7. Let it rest for 10 minutes at room temperature and dig in!


We’ve shown you how to cook Wagyu steak, which means this is the end of the road until the next article, that is. You’ve not only just learned some amazing Wagyu recipes but have discovered some of the most important characteristics of Wagyu beef.

All this is going to come in quite useful when you decide to make your own Wagyu steak recipe one of these days. Until then, happy cooking!

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