What Does Couscous Taste Like?

What Does Couscous Taste Like

What does couscous taste like? The simples description would have to be that it has a neutral and light taste with a hint of nuttiness brought on by the flavor used when making it.

If you’re want to find out a bit more about it, make sure to check out the rest of the article – you’ll learn how to store it, serve it, and most importantly, what it tastes like!

What Does Couscous Taste Like?

There are different types of couscous out there, from small-sized Moroccan, which is the most common, to larger types like pearl or Lebanese couscous, also known as Moghrabieh and available in dried or fresh form. Although each type may differ in nuances, all will have a neutral flavor and pair wonderfully with other food groups that may have stronger flavor and aromas.

If you’re interested to learn more about how the types of couscous mentioned above may differ, this article has it covered. Just keep reading to find out everything there is to know about what couscous tastes like!

I think I explained the taste of couscous enough. So in case you would like to know how to cook it simply and try it yourself, here is a quick recipe:

Does Couscous Have A Flavour?

Although it may not feel like it at first, this North African staple does have a taste. Most people would describe it as having a light and neutral flavor. Additionally, because it’s made of either semolina or wheat flavor, it may have a nutty flavor to it as well.

For a more detailed discussion on its taste, scroll down this article!

Does Couscous Taste Good?

I believe it does, yes.

It’s true, couscous doesn’t have a strong or distinct taste like salmon, but there’s something wonderful in its light and nutty flavor. Whether it be Moroccan or Israeli couscous, all types will pair well with some fresh herbs and can be served alongside some stronger flavor profiles.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the way that cooked couscous can balance out your meal!

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What Does Israeli Couscous Taste Like?

Delicious, yet of a neutral flavor. I’ve just described every type of couscous out there, I know.

Vagueness aside, Israeli couscous is just one of the various types. It is considered middle-sized and has a soft, chewy texture. In many recipes, you’ll find people referring to it as pearl couscous as well. It’s available as a whole wheat couscous too!

Some people say that when compared to other types like Moroccan couscous or Lebanese couscous, the Israeli variety is said to have a more pasta-like taste to it.

For the last statement, you’ll have to try out all the couscous varieties and decide on it yourself! Enjoy!

What Does Pearl Couscous Taste Like?

You won’t believe me, but it tastes just like the Israeli variety of couscous – because they’re the same thing. Like I’ve said before, pearl couscous is just another name for Israeli couscous.

So, if you want to learn about its taste and texture, scroll a bit up and take a look!

What Does Whole Wheat Couscous Taste Like?

It doesn’t taste that dissimilar to traditional couscous or instant Moroccan couscous. Like other varieties, it pairs wonderfully with other ingredients and has a neutral taste.

However, unlike other couscous types, whole wheat couscous contains more nutrients and is therefore considered the healthiest of the bunch. It’s made by rolling the whole-wheat couscous and water between your hand until they start to form small grains.

Since it’s also a bit bigger, people often say it has a more pasta-like flavor than plain couscous made from semolina flour.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the healthiest of healthy options, whole wheat couscous is the one for you!

Does Couscous Taste Like Quinoa?

The simple answer to this question is yes – couscous and quinoa taste similar, as they’re both neutral tastes and tend to pair well with other ingredients. This is the reason why in many recipes, substituting couscous for quinoa and vice versa is perfectly fine.

However, although they might taste and even sound a bit alike, these two ingredients are not the same thing. For one, couscous is made of flour, while quinoa is considered a whole grain.

Another big difference is that wheat flour and, therefore, wheat couscous contains gluten, while quinoa as a whole grain is gluten-free.

So, there it is, not only do you have a substitute for when you run out of one of the two, but now you know the crucial differences between them as well!

Does Couscous Taste Like Rice?

Here, I’d have to say yes and no, meaning, on the one hand, that yes, couscous does have a neutral flavor to it. However, it’s not as bland as rice, as it has a little bit of nuttiness to it.

Although couscous is going to be found in the rice section of your local grocery store, it is, in fact, a type of pasta! Yeah, it sounds weird to say, I know. Rice, be it brown rice or white rice, is grown in the ground and then harvested as seed. On the other hand, because couscous is made by rolling semolina flour into the water, many consider it to be a type of tiny pasta – so there you go!

Couscous is a type of pasta, and the world keeps turning!

Is Couscous Healthier Than Rice?

For this one, the answer is a bit unclear again.

If you’re looking at calories, then couscous prevails, as it contains fewer calories than rice. More specifically, a cup of couscous has 176 calories compared to 216 found in a cup of rice.

However, nutrient-wise, couscous doesn’t come up on top. It doesn’t contain as many nutritional benefits as brown rice – that simple.

So, when deciding between couscous and rice, make sure to consider both things!

Why Does Couscous Taste Bad?

There’s a simple answer for this one – it’s gone bad. If you’ve stored your dry couscous in the wrong way, there’s a pretty solid chance that it will go and taste bad.

Uncooked couscous should be stored in an air-tight container and always kept in a cool and dry spot. Once humidity and heat get to it, they’ll soak it up, leaving you with a bad smell and taste. The best way to check is to do a simple smell test – if it’s got a rancid foul smell to it, it’s time to throw it away!

What Does Bad Couscous Taste Like?

You already know how couscous goes bad. You’ve got the smell test down as well. However, sometimes, there may not be any foul smell, but the couscous may still have gone bad. In this case, the chances are that a particular stench will appear after cooking – that’s your tell-tale sign that the couscous has gone bad!


After this article, you know just how couscous tastes like – a mild and neutral flavor with a bit of nuttiness brought about by the semolina and whole wheat flour used.

Not only that, but you’ve also learned how to store it and about a whole bunch of different types of couscous out there. The only thing to do now is to sprinkle a bit of olive oil and cook couscous!

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