What Does Kale Taste Like?

What Does Kale Taste Like

What does kale taste like? Kale is famous for having a bitter taste. If not handled right, it can overpower just about any meal.

However, we’ve got you covered. To learn what kale tastes like in dishes ranging from soups and smoothies to baked kale chips, make sure to check out this article below! There may even be some tips on how to hide its taste while keeping all the nutrients alive and well!

What Does Kale Taste Like?

Like I’ve said above, the bitter kale taste is notorious. However, kale doesn’t have to taste bitter. It can taste sweet or bland. You could also even not notice it’s there. So, before making the final verdict on kale, keep in mind two things.

First, what type of kale you’re working with – is it dinosaur kale, curly kale, Siberia kale, or some other type? The second thing you have to know is what you want to do with it – are you going to use shredded kale or chopped kale?

Whatever way you decide to prepare and eat kale, this article has its taste covered, so just keep reading!

What Is The Flavor Of Kale?

Although it’s mostly going to be described as having a strong bitter taste, kale can actually have a lot of different flavors. For one, baby kale tends to have a sweeter taste than mature kale. Its leaves are also softer and chewier. Also, some varieties like Red Russian kale tend to taste sweeter than others.

And if you want to get a better understanding of what kale tastes like? Well, you’ll just have to keep scrolling this article to find out!

What Does Kale Taste Like In A Salad?

If you’re in the mood for a tasty and quick meal, a kale salad might be just what you need. When making it, make sure to use young kale leaves as they have softer and thinner leaves – and a milder taste!

In this way, you’ll add an earthy and fresh taste to your meal, and the kale won’t overpower all the other leafy greens and vegetables!

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What Does Kale Taste Like When Cooked?

Like with almost everything when it comes to cooking – it depends on the way you cook it, and you can cook kale in a bunch of different ways.

The golden rule is – season! Seasoned kale tastes better than unseasoned kale, after all! Whether you decide on a salad, quinoa, hummus, or something completely different, a bit of salt and pepper are guaranteed to make your cooked kale taste better since they’ll hide some of the bitterness and neutralize it.

What Does Kale Taste Like In Soup?

As you may have noticed above, kale tends to taste a bit bitter, and the same is true of kale found in soup. However, there’s a simple and easy fix to the bitterness problem – massage the kale before cooking.

Yes, I know, massaging kale sounds a bit out there, but it actually works as it breaks down the vegetable’s cellular walls, thus making it much more tender. 

However, I understand if you’re not into the whole ‘massaging your kale’ thing, so to get rid of the strong bitter taste, make sure you cook it for a bit longer – this will have the same effect and bring out its mild taste.

What Does Kale Taste Like In A Smoothie?

Since kale naturally has a strong and overpowering taste, it may be better for it not to be the most prominent ingredient in your smoothie. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include it in your smoothie. Kale has an abundance of nutritional benefits and is thus a must-have leafy green!

If you’re making a kale smoothie, and I highly recommend you do, just make sure to use some other ingredients to hide its bitterness – some banana, ginger, or lemon juice will do the trick!

What Does Kale Pesto Taste Like?

Kale pesto is delicious, but that wasn’t what you wanted to know. When compared to basil pesto, kale pesto tends to taste a bit more peppery. To bring out its earthy taste, mix in the raw kale with some extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and a selection of nuts. Almonds are my favorite!

What Does Kale Chips Taste Like?

Baked kale chips taste amazing, and this is because they lack that bitter flavor – you weren’t expecting that one! The lack of bitterness is actually the result of chopping off the kale heads and adding some salt and olive oil to them.

Once they turn crispy in the oven, they’re all ready to eat, minus the bitter taste!

What Does Kale Juice Taste Like?

If you’re planning on making kale juice with just kale, then expect it to taste bitter. However, just like with smoothies, the bitter taste can be avoided in kale juice as well.

One option is to use baby kale since it’s gentler and a lot less bitter. Another, maybe cheaper option, would be to combine the baby kale with some other fruits and vegetables. Here I’d recommend using bananas, some other greens, like raw spinach, and a touch of kiwi!

What Does Baby Kale Taste Like?

Young or baby kale, if you like, has a milder and less bitter flavor when compared to mature kale. Moreover, the kale leaf isn’t ass crunchy or thick, making them chewier and easier to eat. Because of its mildness, baby kale can stand alone and replace other leafy greens in a salad!

So, if you’re in the mood to prepare kale, this kale variety may just be your perfect match!

Does Kale Make Taste Good?

Kale can make any dish taste good if prepared in the right way. To keep its strong bitter taste in check, make sure to massage it before cooking and mix it with some other tasty greens and nutritious vegetables and fruits! For the best suggestions on what to combine kale with, just scroll back up!

Is Kale Sweet Or Bitter?

Kale can taste sweet. Kale can also taste bitter. It can taste bland as well. What I’m trying to say is that it depends. Specifically, kale taste depends on the type and variety you’re working with.

If you have some younger kale leaves in your fridge, they should taste sweet. On the other hand, mature kale has a stronger and more bitter taste with crunchy leaves.

When talking about kale varieties, Red Russian kale is known for having a sweeter taste when compared to other varieties, such as curly or Tuscan kale. This is because Red Russian kale grows through frost, giving it a sweeter taste!


Hey, that’s the end of the article, and you just found out what kale tastes like – bitter. However, you also just learned that it doesn’t have to taste bitter at all and found all the tips and tricks on how to bring out its mildness in everything from smoothies to salads!

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