What Does Star Fruit Taste Like?

What Does Star Fruit Taste Like

What does star fruit taste like? Star fruit is an exotic fruit that, when ripe, tastes like a combination of a sweet flavor and a sour flavor. The sour flavor is mostly concentrated in the flesh, but the entire fruit is edible, including the seeds.

Other fruits that star fruit is often compared to are:

What Does Star Fruit Taste Like?

Some people who enjoy eating ripe star fruit describe it as having a green grape flavor. It’s also been described as a green apple flavor, a ripe pear flavor, and even as a kiwi flavor. It’s also been described as a natural and healthy version of different types of sour and sweet candies. The specific flavor of the star fruit you try will depend on the fruit’s size. Larger star fruits are sweeter than smaller fruits. Riper fruits also tend to be sweeter than unripened star fruit.

What Does Star Fruit Taste Like Gfuel?

The star fruit G Fuel flavor is similar to sweet and sour candy. You may like it if you enjoy eating and drinking things that have flavors that can be described as:

  • tangy
  • tropical
  • exotic
  • similar to a ripe pear flavor
  • similar to the green apple flavor
  • similar to the green grape flavor
  • sweet with a mildly sour undertone

Like most fruit-flavored foods and drinks, the G Fuel star fruit flavor isn’t very similar to the flavor of real star fruit.

What Does Butters Star Fruit Taste Like?

Butter’s star fruit drink flavor powder by G Fuel tastes like a Sweetarts sweet and sour candy. It doesn’t taste much like a natural ripe fruit. It is, however, tangy and sweet with a sour undertone. Some people have also described it as tasting very sweet, like bubblegum. Most people tend to agree that Butter’s star fruit doesn’t taste much like real star fruit.

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What Does Ripe Star Fruit Taste Like?

Fully ripe star fruits taste tangy and sweet with a very subtle sourness in the flesh of the fruit. You can eat the entire fruit, and fully ripened fruit doesn’t have the waxy skin taste or texture that some unripe fruit can have.

What Does Star Fruit Guava Taste Like?

Star fruit and guava are both tropical fruits that can be described as tasting similarly, but they are both, in fact, distinct.

Depending on how ripe it is, guava tastes like:

  • a ripe pear
  • a strawberry
  • a tangy, sour candy
  • a flower

Instead, star fruit tastes like:

  • an apple
  • a grape
  • a sour candy
  • a sweet candy.

What Is Star Fruit Supposed To Taste Like?

Ripe star fruit tastes sweet and tangy. It’s a mixture between a mildly sweet and tart candy with a soft yet crunchy texture and a combination of different fruits like pears, green apples, and grapes. If you eat unripe star fruit, the taste will be sourer, and the texture will be crunchier and a little tougher.

Does Star Fruit Taste Good?

If you like other citrus fruits or other tropical fruits, you’ll likely think that star fruit tastes good. If you don’t like candy, then it’s possible that neither sour nor sweet star fruits will taste good to you.

Is Star Fruit Edible?

Star fruit is completely edible, even when the fruit isn’t fully ripe. You can eat star fruit’s skin, seeds, and flesh, and it has numerous health benefits like many other tropical fruits. Eating star fruit on occasion is a great way to keep up a varied, healthy diet for most people.

If you have kidney disease or take certain medicines, however, you should avoid star fruit or talk to a doctor before you eat star fruit regularly as it has been shown to have harmful effects on people with certain conditions and who take certain medications.

What Is Star Fruit Similar To?

Star fruit is often described as being similar to flavor combination of:

  • citrus fruits like oranges
  • ripe pears
  • tart green grapes
  • tart green apples
  • guava
  • kiwi.

Star fruit doesn’t taste exactly like any of these other fruits, but they are similar enough that it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Does Star Fruit Taste Like Apple?

While not exactly the same, some people do describe star fruit as tasting like apples. Tangier star fruit, in particular, can have a taste that is very similar to tart green apples. 

Does Star Fruit Taste Like Kiwi?

Star fruit has its own unique flavor. However, some people do describe it as being similar to kiwi in taste. Much like kiwi, the riper a star fruit is the less tart the flavor. Star fruits and kiwis also have a similar texture, with both fruits feeling softer when ripe while still maintaining some crunch.


What does star fruit taste like? As this article has shown, star fruit is a tropical fruit that has a unique flavor that is difficult to replicate. It tastes sweet and sour and like a mixture of multiple different other fruits like apples, pears, grapes, and kiwis. If you eat small or unripe star fruit, you’ll taste a more sour flavor, while larger and ripened fruit will be sweeter. Star fruit-flavored things tend to have more of a candy taste, but, overall, if you like other tropical fruit, you’ll likely like star fruit.

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