What Does Twisted Tea Taste Like?

what does twisted tea taste like

What does twisted tea taste like? Twisted Tea is basically iced tea infused with alcohol. There are several flavors of this popular drink, including raspberry, peach, light, half and half, lemon, etc.

Twisted Tea was released in 2000 by the Boston Beer company. The idea behind this drink was to offer a beverage that would be equally appealing during hot summers and cold winters. Iced sweet tea was infused with malt beer, and Twisted Tea was created!

Nowadays, millions of people drink Twisted Tea when they want to enjoy the refreshing taste of an alcoholic beverage without getting drunk. If you aren’t one of them because you have never tried Twisted Tea, you need to read this article to see what you are missing!

What Does Twisted Tea Taste Like

The classic Twisted Tea Original has a regular bottled iced tea taste. The black tea flavor is really strong, slightly sweet, with a touch of natural lemon flavor. This refreshing drink has only 5% ABV (alcohol by volume), so the alcohol is barely noticeable.

The original Twisted Tea has a unique and refreshing flavor. It tastes like real tea with a hint of lemon, which wasn’t so common back in 2000 when it was first released. At that time, most iced teas had similar artificial flavors.

Twisted Tea was different with its complex and natural flavor, and since it is an alcoholic beverage, it soon became a popular drink for parties.

Different Twisted Tea Flavors

Since the original flavor of Twisted Tea proved to be a success, this drink became available in several other flavors. With natural fruit flavorings, these drinks offer even more refreshing. Here are some of the most popular Twisted Tea variations:

  1. Twisted Tea Light – This Twisted Tea variation has less sugar and less alcohol than the Original. However, it also has less flavor, as the tea taste is way more subtle, and you can barely taste the lemon flavor.
  2. Twisted Tea Half and Half – Half and Half in the name of this drink refer to the fact that it is half tea and half lemonade, with a little bit of alcohol. This is why this Twisted Tea tastes less like tea and more like lemonade.
  3. Twisted Tea Peach Flavor – With a strong peach fruit flavor, this Twisted Tea is sweet, and a bit artificial since the peach flavoring isn’t as natural as it is supposed to be. However, it is still a decent drink.
  4. Twisted Tea Raspberry Flavor – Probably the most popular fruit-flavored Twisted Tea, Raspberry Twisted Tea is a perfect combination of sweet tea, fruit flavor, and a hint of tartness from lemon juice and alcohol. You can still feel the tea flavor with this drink, but raspberry definitely stole the spotlight.
  5. Twisted Tea Slightly Sweet – For those who want to lower their sugar intake, this Twisted Tea is a perfect drink. It has all the flavor but with half sugar. You can still feel a strong tea flavor and a bit more lemon than in the original Twisted Tea.

Does Twisted Tea Taste Good?

Yes, many people enjoy the taste of Twisted Tea, and they say it is the best iced tea out there. The sweetness of the tea, combined with the tartness of the lemonade, makes for a refreshing and delicious beverage. Some people find that the alcohol content is a bit too strong, however, so it is important to drink responsibly.

How Much Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea?

The alcohol content in Twisted Tea can vary slightly but is typically around 5%. This puts it on par with other light beers and wines. For comparison, Bud Light has an alcohol content of 4.2%, and a standard glass of wine has an alcohol content of 12%.

Can You Get Drunk From Twisted Tea?

While Twisted Tea is not the strongest beverage out there, it still contains a decent amount of alcohol. If you’re looking to get buzzed, drinking Twisted Tea is a good choice.

Make sure you don’t drink too much Twisted Tea, though, as you can get seriously drunk. Also, since it contains sugar, drinking this beverage too often can reflect on your weight.

Is Twisted Tea The Same As Truly Hard Seltzer?

Many people compare Twisted Tea with a Truly Hard seltzer. Both beverages contain alcohol and have fruit flavoring. However, the alcohol in Truly Hard comes from fermented cane sugar, while the alcohol in Twisted Tea comes from malted barley.

Additionally, Twisted tea is made of tea, lemon juice, fruit flavorings, and malt, while Truly Hard seltzer is made of sprinkled water, fruit flavorings, and fermented cane sugar.

Is Twisted Tea Carbonated?

Another difference between Truly Hard seltzer and Twisted Tea is that Twisted tea is not carbonated. Twisted Tea already has an intense flavor that doesn’t need to be additionally enhanced.

Where Can I Buy Twisted Tea?

You can buy Twisted Tea in most convenience stores. You can also find it online, for example, at Walmart’s online grocery store. A nearby gas station is another place where you can find this beverage, but remember that you must be over 21 to purchase Twisted Tea, no matter where you decide to buy it.

Once you buy it, you should store twisted tea in the fridge or other cold places. This way, your Twisted Tea will stay fresh and cool.


Now you know what does twisted tea taste like! It has a rich tea flavor with a hint of lemon juice and alcohol. Of course, this popular drink comes in variants with different flavorings, but they all have that strong tea and lemon juice flavor.

Twisted Tea is a great beverage for those who want to enjoy alcoholic drinks without getting too drunk. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend you to do it!

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