What is Chorizo? Full Explanation

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Chorizo is a type of sausage that can be found in many cuisines around the world. This article will answer what chorizo is, what it tastes like, what types are there, and more. If you’re looking for a meat lover’s guide to this delicious food, then look no further!

Chorizo Origin

Originally chorizo was what is now known as an Andalusian dish, however, the word has spread and can be found in many other cuisines. Nowadays this is what Mexican chorizo often refers to, or what you would find in Spanish dishes (though this has also been extended to refer to a dish that’s similar).

The first time chorizo was made, what was used for the sausage casing is still disputed. Some say that it’s made out of intestines, others claim animal bladder, and some say that pork skins were what they used originally.

The most common type of chorizo today has a coarsely ground meat filling encased in natural or artificial casings made from pigs ‘ intestines.

This type of chorizo has a firm, dense and crumbly texture that’s not what you’d expect from the word “sausage”.

It is often seasoned with smoked paprika to give it its characteristic bright red color. Other spices like garlic powder or ground coriander can be added as well.

What does chorizo taste like?

Chorizo tastes a lot like what you would expect of a sausage—salty and savory with bits of fatty pork inside.

Some say that chorizo tastes like what we might call pepperoni in the U.S., but what I have found is that what they mean by this are sausages with a paprika-based spice blend, which would not be what chorizo tastes like—chorizo has its own distinct flavor profile.

What is chorizo made of?

The ingredients used in chorizo are what really set it apart. Typically, chorizo is made out of there’s ground pork and what is known as “chorizo seasoning.” This includes paprika, cumin, garlic salt or powder, pepperoni grinds

While fresh chorizo seasonings are typically very spicy with a red color due to their use in the dish called sofrito, what we know as chorizo is typically a milder version.

what is chorizo

What meat is used in chorizo?

The meat ingredient in chorizo is what makes it what we know is chorizo. This ingredient typically includes chopped pork or ground pork and what’s known as “chorizo seasoning.”

The other ingredients in chorizo are what set the flavor apart, not just meat—ground beef, veal, or even poultry can be used to create a different type of spicy sausage that has been called

What does “chorizo” mean in English?

The word “chorizo” roughly translates to sausage or what they call it over the Pond–banger (British). Essentially, what we’re talking about is fresh sausage.

How do I serve chorizo?

So how do you serve chorizo when it is done? The traditional way to serve it is, once the dish is ready, with white rice and beans.

The most popular dish in Mexico of chorizo by far is tacos al pastor – what Americans might call a taco salad. This consists of slices or pieces of pork cooked on the spit (made from an entire chunk) that have

What drink pairs well with chorizo?

Chorizo is a highly seasoned dish with pork fat, so what drink might go well with it?

Beer, wine or tequila would probably work. You could also try to pair a chorizo dish with the same type of food as what you are cooking – potatoes and bacon for example or apples and pork chops.

What are chorizo substitutes?

If you don’t have chorizo and want something similar for your recipe – try using spicy sausage. It will not be exactly the same but it will be close enough to what you’re looking for.

Tender Chorizo vs Harder Chorizo

There are two main categories of chorizo sausage tender and harder. The main difference is what type of meat is used in the sausage. The harder variety uses a larger percentage of pork, while the softer version will use a higher proportion of beef and veal.

Types of Chorizo

What is chorizo would not be fully clear without going over the main types of this pork sausage. There are a few different types of chorizo, the most common being what we call “Mexican-style.” Popular in both Mexico and Spain, this version of chorizo is seasoned with spices, like ground cumin, paprika, and chili peppers.

The second type is what we call “Spanish-style” or what you might find in a chorizo sausage from Spain called Choricero de Leche. This kind of chorizo includes bacon fat to give it that distinctive smoky flavor

In the Philippines, they have their own version of chorizo called “Longganisa” which is made with minced pork, garlic, salt, and a variety of spices.

There are other varieties of chorizo, like what we call “Mexican-style” dry chorizo, which is what you might find in the US and what is mostly used for breakfast tacos. This type of chorizo has a lot less fat than others because it’s cooked before packaging.

Other types of chorizo may also be found in Louisiana, where a lot of what locals call “chili” is actually what we know as chorizo.

What should you eat chorizo with?

Chorizo can be eaten as an appetizer or on its own as what they call “fritas” which are little pieces of what’s basically a fried chorizo patty.

We also recommend pairing it with eggs, potatoes, or corn tortillas to make what they call “chilaquiles.” Maybe you’ve heard of them and other variations like “chop suey” which is the same dish but made in Chinese style.

Some people enjoy eating chorizo with what they call “breakfast tacos.” A breakfast taco is a taco with what you would typically have for breakfast, like eggs and potatoes.

What should I pair chorizo with?

Chorizo can be eaten as an appetizer or possibly a main dish.

The most popular way to eat chorizo is what they call “sopes” which are corn tortillas that you can smother with beans, meat, and vegetables. You could also just enjoy the taste of chorizo on its own by ordering fritas or what they call “chicharrones.”

How to cut and prepare chorizo?

The raw sausage can be sliced into what’s called a plancha. The same thing goes for the fried version which is what you’ll find on “fritas” or in what they call “chilaquiles.” It can also be cut into chunks and heated up on a griddle with onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic.

How do I cook chorizo?

So how do you cook Spanish chorizo or Mexican chorizo? Cooking your chorizo is really easy! All you need to do is heat a pan over medium-high and fry the sausage until there are brown spots on both sides, then remove them from the pan and drain off the excess fat.

Some add onions to this process as well before adding what they are preparing the sausage with—beans, rice, potatoes, etc.

If you’re cooking chorizo in a pot, add some oil to the pot and cook it until there are brown spots on both sides before draining off what’s left of the grease from what was fried.

Mexican chorizo is typically cooked to be more tender, while Spanish chorizo is a bit crumblier and what’s typically found in the U.S. if you are shopping for it by name rather than just finding what looks good at your local grocery store

You can also cook WITH Chorizo as it is one of those ingredients that makes everything taste better! You can add chorizo to nearly anything, including what you’re already cooking.

What are some ways I can use chorizo?

Chorizos work well in tacos (of course), burritos, rice bowls, salads – these are just a few of the possible use of chorizo. You could also cook with it!

Eating a Chorizo taco is what you’re going for, and maybe some beans or rice to go on the side. But what about other Mexican food? You can add chorizo to just about anything from tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tamales – these are all common dishes that go great with chorizo

How do I store chorizo?

Store your uncooked chorizo in the refrigerator. There should be a “sell by” date on the packaging, but if you keep it in the fridge with what it says to do, there shouldn’t really be any problems.

If you want to store cooked chorizo, you should refrigerate it right away or freeze what’s left.

What is the difference between chorizo and sausage?

The main difference between chorizo and a classical sausage: chorizo is seasoned with red pepper while sausage usually isn’t.

Is chorizo made from lymph nodes?

In short, yes chorizo MAY include lymph nodes but it’s not what makes it what it is.

Is there a difference between Mexican and Spanish Chorizo?

Yes, the main difference is what kind of meat it’s made with. For example: In Mexican chorizo, you’ll find pork or beef-based chorizo while in Spain, lamb may be used.

Mexican chorizo is also what you’ll find in what is known as “chorizo con huevos” which translates to ‘sausage with eggs’.

Spanish chorizo is what you’ll find in what is known as “papas bravas” which translates to ‘fierce potatoes’.

Spanish and Mexican chorizo are somewhat similar…but different. While meat may vary, both sausage types are highly seasoned.

Should I remove the skin from chorizo?

If you are wondering whether to remove the skin from chorizo, what you need to know is that the skin helps keep chorizo moist as it cooks. So if you want to get the fat out of chorizo or just do not want crunchy chorizo skin then take the skin off.

Does chorizo go well with eggs?

Yes, chorizo can be a great addition to egg dishes like huevos rancheros or breakfast burritos. It’s also delicious in an omelet. But what I think is one of my favorite ways to eat it is grilled up and served

So now you know what is chorizo! All in all, chorizo is a fantastic sausage that can be found on many menus around the world. It has an unmistakable taste and texture and will keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking to try it out or have never heard of it before now, head over to your local butcher shop today!

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