5 Keto Breakfast No Eggs Recipes

no eggs keto breakfast

While eggs seem to be a part of every breakfast, sometimes you can just get tired of them. Or maybe you are allergic! So what should you cook if you are looking for a keto breakfast but with no eggs?

Here are 5 great keto breakfast ideas with no eggs in them.

Coconut Low Carb Porridge

Porridge is great, easily digestible, gives a lot of energy and when combined with right ingredients, it tastes great!

no eggs breakfast

Full recipe from Lisa can be found here!

Low Carb Green Bowl

Very light, full of fruity flavor and easily prepared. Seems like a perfect combination!

no eggs breakfast 1

This simple tasty recipe may be found here.

Cinnamon Granola

No breakfast list can be complete without granola, this one is with cinnamon. Crunchy keto breakfast that you should not miss!

no eggs breakfast 2

Full recipe may be found here.

Tofu Sticks

If you are vegetarian or just like tofu, this tofu sticks may be a great breakfast

no eggs breakfast 3

Click here to get the full recipe.

Chocolate Infused Granola

If you are craving for a bit of sweetness in your breakfast, this is definitely for you. Admittedly is lowers the healthy aspect of granola a bit, but if you do not go overboard with chocolate – you are still in the safe zone 🙂

no eggs breakfast 4

Full recipe is here.

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