How Long Does Fish Oil Last?

How Long Does Fish Oil Last

How long does fish oil last? The expiry date stamped on most fish oil bottles usually shows that it is safe to use for 2 years. However, once you open the bottle, you should spend it in the next 90 days.

Fish oil comes in the form of liquid fish oil and fish oil pills, also known as fish oil capsules. Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and taking fish oil supplements has plenty of health benefits. However, you don’t want to ingest an expired fish oil supplement, so keep reading this article to learn more about the shelf life of fish oil supplements.

How Long Does Fish Oil Last?

Most fish oil supplements come in the form of fish oil capsules. Usually, their shelf life is about 2 years, but once you open the bottle, you need to consume it in 90 days.

Liquid fish oil needs to be stored properly, in a fridge, or in another dark and cold place, like a cupboard in your pantry. If not stored properly, it will expire much faster than those 2 years for unopened capsules (or 90 days for opened ones).

How Long Does Fish Oil Last After Expiration Date?

It is not a really good idea to ingest expired fish oil. If you have some expired fish oil capsules or liquid fish oil, it is best to throw them away instead of unnecessarily risking your health by consuming them.

Once they go past their expiration date, fish capsules and liquid fish oils start to oxidize and hence are no longer safe for your consumption. Not only will they taste bad when expired, but they can also make you sick.

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How Long Does Fish Oil Last In The Fridge?

Once you open and store your fish oil in the fridge, it will be good to use for up to 90 days. It is important that you always store both opened and unopened fish oil supplements in the fridge to prevent them from oxidizing and going bad. Even if you haven’t opened your fish oil, store it in the fridge and use it in the next 2 years.

How Long Does Fish Oil Last After Opening?

If you store it properly (in your fridge or another cold and dark spot), your fish oil will last for up to 90 days. However, if you keep it in a warm, bright place, fish oil will oxidize much faster and will become rancid and unusable very soon.

How Long Does Fish Oil Capsules Last Once Opened?

Most people prefer taking a fish oil capsule instead of drinking liquid fish oil, but they can also go rancid if you don’t spend them in time. Just like with liquid fish oil, fish oil capsules should be spent 90 days after opening the bottle.

If you are not sure whether your fish capsules are still safe to use or you need to get rid of them, try cutting one of them in half. If it has a harsh smell, then it’s most probably not safe to use anymore, but if it smells like a fresh fish, you can still use it.

How Long Does Fish Oil Smell Last?

Most fish oil supplements will impact the smell of your skin, breath, sweat, and even urine. However, once you stop using them, the smell will disappear.

Speaking of smell, it is a good indicator of whether the fish oil is still good or not. Fresh fish oil that’s still safe to use will smell like freshly caught fish, which is probably not the most pleasant smell, but it is not so bad.

Rancid fish oil will have a much stronger smell, and once you feel that pungent smell, there will be no doubt that it’s no longer safe to use. Throw it away immediately because you don’t want that nasty smell in your home.

Does Fish Oil Go Bad?

If you wonder does the fish oil expires, the short answer is yes. With time fish oil oxidizes, especially when exposed to room temperature and bright light.

Oxidized fish oil will become rancid and hence unsafe to use. Although it has an estimated shelf life of 2 years when unopened and 90 days when opened, fish oil should be used as soon as possible.

Always try to find truly fresh fish oil and fish oil supplements. Also, if you have liquid fish oil, don’t use it for cooking because it will become toxic when exposed to high temperatures.

Does Fish Oil Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Liquid fish oil will oxidize and go bad no matter whether it is refrigerated or not. However, it will go bad much faster when stored out of the fridge than when stored inside. Fish oil is extremely volatile, especially when stored at room temperature, with plenty of bright light. That’s why it usually comes in dark glass bottles, to slow down the oxidation process as much as possible.

Fish oil capsules are a bit more stable than liquid fish oil, and some brands can be safely stored at room temperatures, but you should avoid risking your health, so try to store them in the fridge even if they can stand the room temperature.


Now you know how long does fish oil lasts. Before opening, both liquid fish oil and fish oil capsules can last up to 2 years after the production date. Once you open the bottle, try to spend it 90 days, because it will go bad if you don’t.

However, this shelf life estimation applies only when you store your fish oil properly – in the fridge or other cold and dark places. If you leave it at room temperature and exposed to light, it will go bad much faster than those 90 days/2 years.

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