7 Identic Chickpea Substitutes

7 Identic Chickpea Substitute

Chickpea substitute is something you might need when your recipe requires chickpeas, but you don’t have any, or if you’re simply not a fan of this legume. The best chickpea substitutes are different types of lentils and beans, like black beans, cannellini beans, green peas, etc.

Chickpea, also known as Egyptian pea, has a high protein content, and it is rich in essential amino acids, which makes it a good choice to replace meat in vegetarian dishes. It has a beany flavor, with a hint of earthy. It usually comes in beige color, but it also comes in black, green, and red colors.

In this article, you will find the best options for replacing chickpeas, so keep reading to learn more!

Chickpea Substitute

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1. Black beans

They are a great chickpea alternative because of their mild, sweet flavor and similar nutritional value to chickpea. Black beans are mostly used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisine for a variety of dishes such as soups, salsas, dips, and chilies.

2. Cannellini beans

Another great option for replacing chickpea. They are a great source of carbohydrates and fibers. These beans are also rich in protein, and their smooth texture and sweet taste are similar to chickpea. Cannellini beans are used in Italian dishes, such as minestrone.

3. Mung beans

Also a great chickpea replacement, mung beans have a sweet, nutty flavor, and they are packed with proteins, fibers, and antioxidants.

4. Green peas

Green peas are a popular ingredient in soups and stews, but they can also be a good alternative to chickpea. Although they have a different taste and texture when compared to chickpeas, green peas have a great nutritional value, with lots of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

5. Lentils

Yellow-brown lentils are the most common, but you can also find red, green, yellow, and black varieties. They are rich in protein, fibers, and carbohydrates, which makes them an excellent alternative to chickpeas.

6. Fava beans

Another type of bean that can be used instead of chickpea. Fava beans have a mild, earthy, and sweet flavor, high protein content, and bright green color.

7. Pinto beans

Pinto beans have a smooth and creamy texture, and their flavor is somewhere between sweet, earthy, and nutty. This makes them a good choice for meals that require chickpea.

8. Various types of white beans

Navy beans, lima beans, great northern peas, black-eyed peas, etc. are all good substitutes for chickpea. They have a mild, almost sweet taste, and they have a similar nutritional value to chickpeas.

9. Soybeans

Another good substitute for chickpea, soybean has a similar flavor and texture, and it is full of proteins, fibers, minerals, and vitamins (vitamin b6, vitamin b1, C, iron, calcium, etc.).

If you want to learn more, here is a bit of chickpea history!

Chickpea Substitute Curry

Soybeans and kidney beans can be used as a chickpea substitute for curry, but you can also use any other beans or legumes.

Chickpea Substitute For Hummus

Chickpea is the main ingredient when making hummus, but some people are allergic to chickpea or simply want to try and make hummus using some other ingredients. White beans, pinto beans, and black beans are the best chickpea substitutes when making hummus.

Chickpea Substitute In Salad

Chickpea is a popular ingredient in salads, but you can also use other beans to substitute chickpea. Black beans, cannellini beans, and green peas are great chickpea substitutes in salads. All these beans go well with green vegetables, tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, chili peppers, or any other vegetable of your choice.

Chickpea Substitute Keto

If you are interested in weight loss, or you just want to eat better in order to take care of your health and your digestive tract, the Keto diet is for you. The Keto diet requires you to avoid eating carbs, and chickpea has quite a high carb content.

That’s why you should substitute chickpeas with something that has fewer carbs. For example, boiled peanuts, lupini beans, cauliflower rice, keto hummus, and almond flour are great keto substitutes for chickpea.

Chickpea Substitute Falafel

The best way to substitute chickpeas when making falafel is by using raw almonds and hemp hearts instead. Place them in a food processor along with garlic and other spices of your choice, and you will get a mixture similar to chickpea.

Chickpea Substitute For Chicken

Chickpea can be used as a substitute for chicken meat. Simply cook your chickpea beans, then mash them coarsely and mix with breadcrumbs. You will have a chewy texture similar to the chicken meat.

Chickpea Substitute For Eggs

Chickpeas can also replace eggs. Mix 3 tablespoons of chickpea flour with 3 tablespoons of water until you get a creamy and thick mixture. This will be enough to replace 1 egg. If you need to replace more eggs, increase the amount of water and chickpea flour.

Chickpea Substitute In Baking

Chickpea flour is often used in baking, but you can replace it with several options: cassava flour, almond flour, millet flour, garbanzo bean flour, wheat flour, or quinoa flour.

Chickpea Substitute For Tuna Salad

Chickpea can also be used instead of tuna. Simply cook the beans and mash them coarsely. For the authentic “fishy” flavor, you can add nori seaweed sheets. Add the mixture to the chopped vegetables of your choice, and now you can enjoy your vegan tuna salad!


Now you know how to find a chickpea substitute! Chickpea is a rich source of protein, but the good news is that there are plenty of alternatives out there that have the same or similar nutritional properties. Black beans, white beans, soybeans, cannellini beans, and many other beans and legumes will perfectly replace chickpea!

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