Easy Scrambled Eggs For One

easy scrambled eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients that you can use. In this post, we will go over how to make easy scrambled eggs for one. And while it is easy to learn, it is more difficult to master.

Scramble Eggs Ingredients

  • Eggs. Depending on your hunger levels – 2 whole eggs will make a small meal, while 5 eggs are closer to an active athlete portion.
  • Butter. While you will not use much, it matters. So if possible use real butter.
  • Salt and Pepper.

If you want to make 4-5 eggs but you are afraid of eating too many yolks (due to some dietary reasons) you can easily separate the yolks with eggshells and make it a full egg white scramble. Or just have a few yolks in that.

Scrambled Eggs Preparation

There are many schools of thoughts when it comes to srambled eggs. Some chefs claim that the best way to know if the cook is skilfull or not is to let them prepare scrambled eggs.

We will go with a quick recipe that will result in a nice, fluffy and soft scrambled eggs.

  1. Break the eggs into the bowl. Whisk them until they all combine into one fluid without visible separations.
  2. Get your pan ready, but do not preheat it. Set it on a really low heat setting for example if you have 1-10, you would set it to 3-5 depending on your stove of course.
  3. Pour your egg mix onto the pan, take a spatula (silicone one is perfect for that) and keep steering them gently, add a bit of butter.
  4. Keep gently moving your spatula around the egg mixture. The goal is to let the scrambled eggs cook slowly. If you see that they are browning up, remove the pan from the heat, steer again, and continue cooking.
  5. When you see that the eggs are still mushy, but not runny, ad salt and pepper to taste give it a last gentle mix, and you are done!

What goes well with it?

  • Toast. A fat piece of sourdough bread, lightly grilled on both sides is a perfect foundation to put your scrambled eggs on.
  • Cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, fried tomatoes, potatoes, spinach – all pairs very well with that.
  • Sprinkle your eggs with a bit of chive or other greens or seasons that you like.

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