Haddock vs Cod: Similar Yet Different!

Haddock vs Cod

Haddock vs cod? Which one should you choose for your next recipe? While these two fish species live in the same area and have similar tastes and flavors, haddock has a fishier flavor and a softer texture than cod.

Both cod and haddock are white fish, and they aren’t oily fish. They have a less pronounced taste than most other fish, which makes them a perfect choice for those who don’t like fishy flavors but still want to eat more seafood.

Haddock Vs Cod

The most noticeable difference between haddock and cod is in their taste. Haddock taste is more powerful and pronounced when compared to the mild cod taste.

Cod has a delicate flavor, perfect for those who don’t like strong fish flavor. Its flavor is almost sweet, which is great for recipes where fish shouldn’t overpower the other ingredients.

On the other hand, haddock has a more tender texture than cod. Cod fillets are also thicker than haddock fillets, which makes cod a better choice for recipes that require more cooking.

Cod fillet has large flakes with a tender but firm texture. Cod’s meat has a translucent white-pink color when raw, which will turn opaque and whitish after cooking.

Haddock fillet has medium-sized flakes and a much more tender texture. When raw, haddock’s meat is white and translucent, and it becomes more opaque when cooked.

Haddocks have a long and pointed front dorsal fin, while cod has round dorsal fins. Both haddock and cod have silvery bellies, but haddock has a dark brown upper side, while cod ranges from dark grey-green to reddish-brown.

If you want to preserve fish meat for longer, cod is a better option because you can salt cod and preserve it for later. Haddock won’t fare well if you try the same.

Both cod and haddock can be found in North Atlantic Ocean, and cod can also be found in the Pacific Ocean.

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Cod is a saltwater fish that can be grilled, baked, broiled, steamed, pan-fried, and even deep-fried. This very popular white fish has a mild taste and many different species. Some of the most popular cod species are Atlantic cod, Pacific cod, Greenland cod, black cod, and Alaska pollock.


Haddock is another saltwater fish that can be cooked in many different ways. You can bake, broil, deep-fry, poach, pan-fry, and smoke haddock. There are only one haddock species.

Is Haddock More Expensive Than Cod?

Cod is generally more expensive than haddock due to its slightly higher oil content. Cod also has a more delicate flavor than haddock, which some people prefer.

However, in some places, haddock is more expensive than cod because it’s a less common fish. Haddock is typically found in the colder waters off the coast of New England and Canada, while cod is more widely available.

Is Cod Or Haddock Better For Fish And Chips?

When it comes to fish and chips, cod is a classic choice. Cod is a type of whitefish that is mild in flavor and has a firm, flaky texture. That’s why many people prefer cod.

It’s also one of the more affordable types of fish, which makes it a great option if you’re on a budget. Cod also tends to be less likely to be overcooked, so if you’re worried about dryness, this may be the better option for you.

Haddock is another popular choice for fish and chips. Haddock is similar to cod in terms of flavor and texture, but it has a bit stronger flavor. Haddock can sometimes be overcooked and dry, so it’s important to be careful when cooking it.

On the other hand, while both cod and haddock are affordable, cod is a bit more expensive.

Is Haddock Similar To Cod?

Both fish have a similar appearance and taste. In fact, many people can’t tell the difference! These fish species are closely related and come from the same family.

Is Cod As Healthy As Haddock?

Cod is healthier than haddock, but haddock also has some advantages. Haddock is a leaner fish with less saturated fat. It is also a good source of omega-three fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health.

Codfish, on the other hand, is higher in saturated fat, vitamins, and calories. While it does have some omega-three fatty acids, it does not have as much as haddock. Cod liver oil is known to have many health benefits.

Another advantage of haddock over cod is that it is a more sustainable fish. Cod stocks are in decline due to overfishing, whereas haddock stocks are healthy and well-managed.

Overall, both fish are rich in vitamin d, amino acids, and minerals. They have low protein levels and no fibers. Cod has less cholesterol than haddock, which makes cod healthier than haddock.

Can You Substitute Cod For Haddock?

If you don’t mind a slightly stronger flavor, you can use haddock instead of cod for most recipes. The only time when you shouldn’t use haddock instead of cod is when you plan to grill or steam the fish.

You can use cod instead of haddock in most recipes, but it is not recommended that you smoke or poach it. Also, if you plan to deep-fry your fish and you want to use cod instead of haddock, make sure to use the Atlantic cod instead of Pacific cod. Pacific cod has more moisture, which isn’t good for deep frying.

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So, now you know the main differences between haddock vs cod! Apart from its mild flavor, cod fish has a more firm texture and a round dorsal fin, and it is overall healthier than haddock.

On the other hand, haddock has a more strong fishy flavor, softer texture, and more sharp front dorsal fins. Both fish are found in the Atlantic Ocean, with certain cod species being found in the Pacific Ocean too.

Both cod and haddock are good low-fat protein alternatives to other fish and animal meats, and they are overall really good fish to incorporate in your diet. Bon Appetite!

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