11 Easy Basmati Rice Substitutes

Basmati rice substitute

Need a basmati rice substitute? You can substitute basmati rice with other long-grain rice varieties, such as American long-grain white rice, Jasmine rice, long-grain brown rice, and many others.

You can also replace basmati rice with non-rice alternatives, such as bulgur wheat and cauliflower rice.

Also called basmati grains, basmati rice is a long-grain rice with more fiber and richer aroma than regular rice. It also has a lower glycaemic index than regular rice, making basmati rice a healthy alternative.

If you don’t have any of this healthy, fragrant rice, this article will help you choose the best substitute for basmati rice!

Basmati Rice Substitute?

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So what would be the best basmati substitute? Let’s discuss!

American long-grain white rice

Widely available across grocery stores all over the United States, this rice variety doesn’t have a rich flavor as Basmati rice.

You can still use it as a substitute for Basmati rice because it is cooked the same way, and it goes well with curry and chili con carne.

Because of its chewy texture, it can be used in dishes that require cold rice, such as rice salads.

Long grain Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice variety has a similar flavor to Basmati rice, but it develops a moist and sticky texture when cooked. It is perfect as sushi rice.

This sticky rice has a stronger aroma than Basmati rice, which shouldn’t be a problem when cooking it as a part of Asian dishes.

Popcorn rice

A hybrid of Basmati rice, popcorn rice has a similarly rich and nutty taste. When cooked, it has a non-sticky texture, just like Basmati rice.

You can find this rice variety under other names, pecan rice or Louisiana pecan.

Long-grain brown rice

A healthy alternative to white rice, brown rice can also replace Basmati rice.

Brown rice is the same grain as white rice, but with a germ and bran intact, which gives the brown rice a high nutritional value.

Remember that brown rice has a pronounced nutty flavor, which can overpower other ingredients in the dish.

Cauliflower rice

Popular carb-free rice substitute, cauliflower rice is made of grated cauliflower.

It will bring a lightness to your meal. You just need to quickly saute it in a skillet.

Another benefit of cauliflower rice is that it will take less time to cook than some other items from this list.


Made of flour and water, couscous “grains” are smaller than rice grains.

They have a subtle flavor that some people might find bland, but you can always pair them with spicy dishes and strong flavors.

Bulgur wheat

A whole wheat grain cracked into many small pieces, bulgur wheat will take a bit longer to cook than Basmati rice, but it can still be used as a substitute in both cold and warm dishes.


This seed makes an excellent substitute for Basmati rice. It is gluten-free and full of nutrients.

There are many health benefits to eating quinoa, and it is worth mentioning that quinoa has twice as much protein as Basmati rice.


Although it looks like rice, orzo is actually pasta. Orzo has a mild flavor and higher calorie count, so you need to use less orzo when substituting Basmati rice.

Cook it in boiling water for 8-10 minutes and drain well before serving.

Carnaroli rice

A medium-grain rice grown in Italy, the Carnaroli rice is most often used in risottos.

Carnaroli rice is the best Arborio rice substitute, but you can also use it to substitute Basmati rice. It has a lot of excess starch and a creamy texture when cooked.

Arborio rice

A type of Italian short-grain rice, Arborio rice is creamy, chewy, and firm when cooked due to its high start content. A perfect choice for risotto and a decent substitute for Basmati rice.

Basmati Rice Alternative?

Now that we have gone over several rice varieties that can be used as Basmati rice alternatives, it is clear that the best choice is Jasmine rice, although popcorn rice is almost as good.

These two varieties have slender grains, and they are the most similar to Basmati rice, especially when it comes to taste.

Brown Basmati Rice Substitute?

If you want to replace brown Basmati rice with one of the brown varieties, we recommend long-grain brown rice.

White Basmati Rice Substitute?

White Basmati rice can be substituted with regular long-grain white rice. However, regular rice doesn’t have as nearly as rich a flavor as white Basmati rice.

Risotto Basmati Rice Substitute?

When looking for a Bsmati substitute when making a risotto, you should choose rice types that become creamy when cooked.

Carnaroli and Arborio rice are perfect for risotto, so you should use them when substituting Basmati rice. You can also use quinoa and couscous.

Substitute Basmati Rice For Jasmine?

Basmati and Jasmine rice can be substituted for each other because they have a similar rich flavor and fragrant aroma.

Jasmine rice has a stronger flavor, and it becomes moist and sticky while cooked, while Basmati rice stays firm.

Can I Substitute Basmati For White Rice?

You can use Basmati instead of white rice, but consider that Basmati has a much stronger flavor than white rice.

If you don’t want your rice to have a strong flavor and overpower other ingredients, the Basmati rice isn’t the best choice.

Is Basmati Rice The Same As Plain White Rice?

No. Although they look quite similar, Basmati rice is not the same as plain white rice.

Basmati is a variety of white rice, but unlike plain white rice, which has a neutral and bland flavor, Basmati rice has an intensely nutty, almost spicy flavor.

Another difference between these two kinds of rice is that Basmat rice has a lower glycaemic index, less arsenic, and more fiber.

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Now you know where to find a good Basmati rice substitute. Among many varieties of rice, Jasmine and popcorn rice types are the best options to substitute Basmati rice.

American white long-grain rice, brown long-grain rice, and some non-rice options, such as couscous and quinoa, can all be used instead of Basmati rice.

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