9 Simple Substitutes For Apricot Jam

Substitute for apricot jam

Substitute for apricot jam? You have several good options: apple jelly, orange marmalade, duck sauce, ginger jelly, and many others! Suppose you only need a shiny glaze finish without adding flavor. In that case, a combination of gelatin, sugar, and water will substitute apricot jam when you need an excellent glaze for your cakes!

Apricot jam has a sweet, tarty flavor, making it a perfect ingredient for cakes and other desserts. If the recipe requires apricot jam, but you don’t have any, many great substitutes are available!

Substitute For Apricot Jam?

Here is the list of best options to replace apricot jam:

Orange marmalade

The best orange marmalade substitute for apricot jelly is made of Seville oranges. Like orange juice, it has a sweet but tangy flavor, and it is full of vitamin C. This marmalade is a good option to replace apricot jam when making cakes and Malva pudding.

Apple jelly

One of the most popular fruit preserves, apple jelly, is made of apple fruit juice, sugar, corn syrup, pectin, and citric acid.

It has a sweet fruity taste, and you can use it to replace apricot jam in muffins, but also to glaze pork and in other savory dishes that use apricot jam.

9 Best Apple Jelly Substitutes

Apple jelly pairs nicely with peanut butter and spices like cloves and cinnamon.

You could also try the following jellies:

  • Grape jelly – is very similar to apple jelly in taste and texture and can be used as a replacement for the apricot jam in many recipes.
  • Blueberry jelly – is made with blueberries, sugar, pectin, and lemon juice. It has a tart flavor and can be used to replace apricot jam in pies and pastries.
  • Raspberry jelly – is also a great pick as a substitute for apricot jam. It is made with raspberries, sugar, pectin, and lemon juice and has a sweet and tart flavor.
  • Strawberry jelly – is another good choice to replace apricot jam. It is made with strawberries, sugar, pectin, and lemon juice and has a sweet

These are all great substitutes for apricot jam. Give them a try in your next recipe!

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Other fruit jams

If you don’t have apple jelly, you can substitute apricot jam with cherry jam, raspberry jam, nectarine jam, strawberry preserves, or any other fruit jam with a high amount of pectin.

If you use fruit jam to glaze the cake, choose a seedless jam to achieve an even texture.

Duck sauce

Made of apricots, duck sauce is used in savory dishes to glaze the meat. This makes it a not-so-good apricot jam replacement for desserts, but for savory dishes, it will be a perfect choice!

Ginger jelly

With a strong flavor of its base, this jelly will bring a nice twist to your desserts. Its main ingredient, ginger, pairs exceptionally well with sherry or brandy.

Use this jelly in desserts that contain alcohol or in Malva pudding. Only use a small amount because ginger can be an overpowering ingredient.


If you only need to glaze the cake without adding any flavor, gelatine is a great thing that will help you achieve your goal.

Combine gelatin with sugar, water, and little lemon juice as written in the instructions on the package. You will have a great apricot jam substitute in no time!

Dried apricots

This option is not suitable for replacing apricot jam in glazing, but dried apricots will be a great choice in any savory apricot jam recipe!

Once you start cooking it in hot water or in the oven, this dried fruit will plump up and balance out the saltiness in the rest of the ingredients.

Apricot juice

If you only need the apricot flavor and the texture isn’t important to you, you can use apricot juice or apricot nectar to replace the apricot jam.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any apricot juice, use peach juice instead.

Best UseConsiderationsRating
Orange marmaladeGreat substitute for any dishMore stingy5/5
Apple jellyMuffins lazed pork More sweetness5/5
Fruit jamsCake glaze, sweet bakingDifferent color4/5
Duck sauceSavory, meat glazingNot for desserts3/5
Ginger jellyStrong base, dessertsGinger flavor2/5
GelatineGlazeNo flavor1/5
Dried apricotSavory recipeDry texture4/5
Apricot juiceWhen the texture is not neededWaters down2/5

Canned fruit

Canned apricots or canned peaches can be used instead of apricot jam in cakes, pancakes, and other desserts. To achieve a similar texture to apricot jam, you can crush the pieces of fruit with a fork and stir them to combine them with a sweet syrup from the can. Add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and heat the mixture until it starts boiling.

Substitute For Apricot Jam Glaze?

If you need to substitute apricot jam for making a glaze, you can use orange marmalade, apple jelly, peach jam, strawberry jam, and other fruit jams and jellies.

Make sure you use jams and jellies without seeds. If needed, strain them to remove any unwanted ingredients (pieces of fruit pulp or skin) that could make the glaze texture uneven.

Substitute For Apricot Jam In Malva Pudding?

Apricot jam is one of the main ingredients for Malva pudding. If you don’t have any apricot jam, you can try to replace it.

Orange marmalade, ginger jelly, honey, and maple syrup are all great substitutes for the apricot jam in Malva pudding.

Substitute For Apricot Jam In Baking?

Again, orange marmalade is the best replacement for apricot jam. But, there are some other great options – apple jelly, peach jam, nectarine jam, canned apricots, etc.

Substitute For Apricot Jam On Christmas Cake?

When making an apricot Christmas cake, you can replace apricot jam with apple jelly, peach jam, orange marmalade, or any other fruit jam that’s sticky and rich in pectin.

Substitute For Apricot Jam When Icing Cake?

When icing a cake, you want the icing to be shiny and even. Apricot jam is the best choice to achieve this, but you can use peach jam, nectarine jam, or cherry jam instead.

Substitute For Apricot Jam In Cooking?

When cooking savory dishes, you can replace the apricot jam with dried apricots, canned apricots, and duck sauce.

Substitute For Apricot Jam In Apple Pie?

Apple jelly will perfectly replace apricot jam in apple pie.

Substitute For Apricot Jam In Duck Sauce?

Most duck sauce recipes use apricot jam, but you can use dried apricots or canned apricots instead of apricot jam. You can also try and make duck sauce with orange marmalade, peach, or nectarine jam.

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Now you know the best substitute for apricot jam. Orange marmalade takes the prize, but other alternatives are perfectly good, too. Apple jelly, peach jam, nectarine jam, gelatine, duck sauce, and dried and canned apricots can also substitute for apricot jam.

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